Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Collecting: Trick or Treat

Mantle: Feb 14, 2009 (2)
This photo was taken in February of this year. Our collection of David Frykman Trick-or-Treaters (TOT) is on display, somewhere in the house, at all times. We're missing a couple of items (black cat on pumpkin, ghost costume candle holder and walking witch), but only one falls under the ToT category, so I'm not hyperventilating. Not shown is the flat Jack-o-lantern Votive Holder. That's in the master bath, next to the tub.

We bought our first piece (the boy in the devil costume) about 5 or 6 years ago at the gift store in Hell, MI. That's how collections get started! Finding the others has been a trip. The bunny boy showed up with broken ears, but he was so hard to find that I just glued them on and chalked it up to experience. They're the closest to "cute" that my Halloween decorations get.

I've heard from a few folks in the Ravelry Halloween Geeks group that they have some Halloween decorations up year 'round. Do you?

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