Sunday, August 2, 2009

About this Blog

Original title was: Watch this Space!

I'm so excited about blogging just about Halloween stuff. I'm not sure it's a wise move, since I'm not doing such a great job of keeping my regular blog up-to-date, but ah, what the heck!

My name is Mel, and I'm a Halloween Geek. I have been sharing links in a low-tech format on for a few years now. I expect to start posting semi-regularly sometime this week, so watch this space!

  • To submit suggestions, email me at: myhalloweenlinks at gmail dot com. (Sorry it's not an easy click, but I am so tired of spam!)
  • Suggested links/products/etc. could show up on the blog alone, on the links list, or both.
  • Please note that I am not a huge fan of sites with automatic music, so I'll either skip that kind of thing or include a warning.
  • I accept items for review. Drop me a line at the above email addy for my PO box.
  • For my readers, I promise that you'll always know when posts are "solicited" reviews. Unless otherwise indicated, I'm just a fan or customer.
Ads & Affiliate Links
  • I will accept sponsors and place approved ads in my sidebar. Just get in touch. For a small additional fee, I'll create the ad for you.
  • I'm on the fence with the idea of automatic advertising on this blog (via Google ads). For the time being, I'm going to hold off on that.
  • Some of the links here will be affiliate links, meaning that I get a small percentage if you buy anything.

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