Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show and Tell: Skulls in the Kitchen

A couple of recent acquisitions to share! Both items were found in the last couple of weeks at HomeGoods stores, a new favorite.

The salt & pepper shakers... well, how could I resist? They were with a bunch of pirate-themed items (skulls & nautical motifs), which were fun but not what I'm into. They also had candlestick holders, which were fun, but I had to pick just one item, so these had to come home with me.

I don't have the packaging for the shakers any longer, but I did hold onto the brush package so I could look up the company. The brush isn't available, but the shakers are still available on their website. I now have my eye on the scrubby holder!

Now, pink is just about my least favorite color. I don't own any pink clothes (except for the pajamas that also have margaritas on them) and don't decorate with pink. However, they only had the one brush in stock, so it had to come home with us.

We don't have a dishwasher, and anyone that knows me well knows that I hate doing dishes. However, I've been trying to get into the habit of making sure all of them are clean every night before bed. It really is true -- taking a few minutes every day (or even after each meal) is so much better than waiting until they pile up. I've also been on a candy-making kick (caramels and marshmallows so far) and it's essential that you a) start with a clean kitchen, and b) get everything into a sink of hot-hot-hot, soapy water the second you're done with it. Having fun accessories in the kitchen makes it all more fun. (So many of my tools are orange - it's not Halloween-themed, but it is chipper!)


Sourkraut said...

I just bought that exact same brush at TJ Maxx last week! They sneakily line the checkout area with cute stuff to encourage impulse buys and just as I was getting ready to step up to the register I spotted the skull brushes. I'll admit I couldn't make a hasty decision as to which color to buy and didn't want to lose my spot in the line so I bought two, one purple and one orange. I'm sure when the first one wear out or becomes so encrusted with dried cheese that it can't be cleaned without the use of a chisel (this happened to our last brush thanks to my husband) I'll be happy to have a backup in storage.

Melissa said...

Orange, you say? I would love to find an orange one. Will have to check out the TJM & HG near work come payday.

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