Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spooky Giftmas Tree

This picture was taken Thanksgiving 2009 and there are no special effects applied to it. What you see here is what a Giftmas tree looks like when you have a fog machine running. The joy of having an industrial fog machine is that you can have a room, basement or house full of fog whenever you want. Instant horror setting! And yes, we do crank it up whenever the mood strikes.

While working on the movie, I found myself shut up in a large barn with another dozen people and a ton of fog (dense, floor-to-ceiling). It can actually be somewhat claustrophobic if you have an issue with that kind of thing. I tried to be a trooper, though, and quietly had my panic attack in the corner, next to the door, before going back to shoot my scene. Last weekend, we shot a scene in our basement, and the fog helped diffuse the light. What an amazing shot! I can't wait to share pictures of that!!

That's my nephew, J., in the picture. J loves Halloween, but he loves Christmas more, and begged me to put up a tree. (We usually don't.) He loves all holidays, and on this day he got four of them: Thanksgiving, Giftmas, Halloween and Independence Day (we also attempted to use sparklers on the front porch).

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