Sunday, July 11, 2010

Decorate: Skull Appliqué Pillows

I mentioned in a previous post that I had plans to make another one of these. Later the same day, I did just that and now this pillow is living in our library. (Boy, does that love seat need a new cover!) I love the skull appliquéd onto a fancy material. This would also look great on less shiny home decorating fabric.

Once I got the pillow-making bug, I went digging in my fabric stash and discovered that I had some of the original fabric left. I also found a small, never-used decorative pillow that I'd tossed into a closet.

That only left the appliqué to arrange. I used the large skull stamp from Stamp Francisco and black ink to stamp the image on high-resolution (very smooth) paper, then scanned it at a high resolution.

I then enlarged the image and printed it (along with some friends) onto Printable Fabric from Avery. The reason I like this fabric is because it's thick and sturdy, with an iron-on backing which helps keep the appliqué in place until I can sew around it. (Next time, I'll be sure to trim closer to the image!)

The appliqué is washable, to a point. For some of the printable fabrics, the recommendation is that no detergent be used and that the item be rinsed in warm water.

I have other printable fabrics that I want to try; a raven pillow is planned as well.

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Sourkraut said...

I've never done anything like this before but I like the way yours turned out enough to want to give it a try. I have a feeling your blog will be a dangerous one because I'll wind up buying all sorts of new supplies for myself!

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