Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Make: Necronomicon Mini-book Invitation

I have a few small tutorials that have been housed on MyHalloweenLinks, but I'm going to transition them to here, because they need to be updated. The first is a "hack" of an existing mini-book created by Ray O'Bannen (linked below). These directions will show you how to add text to his image, so you can use this little booklet as an invitation and more.

You have six small pages to enter your details. You will need some minor layout experience, MS Word experience (or any page layout program -- I initially wrote the directions for Word, so I'm continuing) and access to a color printer. The file used to be in Word, but is now in PDF format, which might make this a little more difficult.

Disclaimer: Ray O'Bannen designed the faboo mini-book; I'm just applying my idea to his existing art. Neither he nor his site have anything to do with this one.
  1. Download the PDF for Book 3 on the Haunted Paper Toys' Necronomicon Notebooks page (Books 1 & 2 are cool, but have illustrations - I haven't tried this method with them, but it could work!). 
  2. Get the image into Word. There are several ways to do this, and I can't go into them all. I was able to select the image on the PDF and copy it, then paste it into a Word document.
  3. Add text boxes over the "parchment" pages, following the guide (right). 
  4. Set the layout to "in front of text" if it didn't happen automatically (otherwise, you can't move the box around).
  5. After you create the text box, use the formatting options to adjust the text direction to match the first image, then go to Format/Text Box to turn off the border and fill.
  6. Print. (How it looks will depend on the font you use and the quality of your printer.)
  7. Follow the directions (first link on the Notebooks page) to assemble, then pop in an envelope and mail
Please note: the original file is high-resolution for excellent printing. You may have system resource issues, depending on your computer's memory.

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