Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Favors: Music Mix part 1

I'm currently working on three, count 'em, three Halloween music mix CDs this year. Why three? Well, I've been collecting Halloween music for years, planning on putting together a fun mix to share with friends. Years come and go, but I still haven't made that mix. Well, this year, I'm doing it. For real.

The problem,  if you can call it that, is that I have 50+ Halloween albums (not counting spoken-word collections), with several hundred songs to choose from (several albums are collections with duplicates) plus a ton of older singles, the oldest of which was recorded in 1912 (spooky-themed, not necessarily Halloween-specific). I need to pick 13-15 songs for the main mix (the second mix is a surprise so I can't talk about it yet). It's not necessarily an embarrassment of riches, because some of the music is really bad. But there are some really great pieces that are calling to be included and I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. Plus there is the concern that there is better music out there that I've missed. Some day soon, I'm going to force myself to just stop and make the thing; there's always next year!

In the works:
  • Actual party mix (to play at the party) - easiest, because there is no limit on the number. I can just pick the songs that I like and that I think are appropriate and have the playlist ready to go on my MP3 player.
  • Friends' mix (to give to guests and other friends) - less easy, as already discussed. (The package and playlist will be in part 2, which I'll post sometime in August after the party.)
  • Surprise CD
  • Kids' CD (right) - a mini disk of "traditional" Halloween tunes that are kid-friendly that won't necessarily be on the friends' mix (e.g. Monster Mash).
The labels for the kids' mix may not work. I used full-sheet ink-jet sticker labels; they're pretty porous and will show fingerprints too well. I may try to laminate using packing tape... was SO hoping to avoid cutting out those circles by hand! (I used a 2½" circle punch for the outer circle and a 1" punch for the inner circle.)

If I hit ten followers in the sidebar by the time the mixes are finished, I'll put up at least one of the mixes as a prize for a commenter. I'll announce that with the "reveal" post.

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