Saturday, July 3, 2010

Had to order it: Pumpkin Scoop

It's a real pain when you're in the Halloween mood, but it's July and there is very little shopping to be had. Last week, when I was updating myhalloweenlinks (the list), I clicked on every single link, including the one for Crate and Barrel. At the moment, their selection is quite small, but they had this Pumpkin Scoop on sale for half off ($3.95). The shipping was a little steep at $4.95 (compared to the item -- it's always seems a little weird to pay more for shipping than for the item I'm buying), but only put the total to just about $1 over the original price. So I decided to go for it.

I've been wanting to put a real pumpkin carving kit together for some time, and this is my first official piece (if you don't count the random little saws leftover from previous poke-'n-carve sets).

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